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Quadrupling the Belt Line in Lisbon and insertion of the High Speed Line (LAV)
- Underpass Road on Av. Infante D. Henrique - LAV Lisboa-Madrid;
- Underpass Road on Av. Infante D. Henrique - RV of Linha do Norte;
- Underpass Road on Rua José do Patrocínio;
- Underpass for pedestrians on the Northern Line;
- Fly-Over of the Belt Line over the North Line (Previous Study).

Project: 2010
Entry into service (partial): 2011
Client: FERBRITAS; Owner of work: REFER

Beira Baixa Line - Works in the Urban Area of the City of Fundão
- Fundão Station - Passenger platforms, covers and underpass for pedestrians;
- Viaduct over LBB with a length of 224m;
- Two Road Passages and two Overpasses for Pedestrians;
- Fundão road-rail interface;
- Road project for the Nascente do Fundão Ring Road.

Project: 2008
Entry into service: 2012
Client: REFER


Modernization of the Beira Baixa Line between Mouriscas and Castelo Branco
- Three Rail Underpasses ;
- Seven Overpasses using prefabricated beams.

Project: 2001
Entry into service: 2003
Client: REFER


Minho Line – Remodeling of the Lousado/Nine Section
- Ten Highway Overpasses;
- nineteen
 Rail Underpasses ;
- Seven pedestrian overpasses;
 Viaduct over the Minho Line and the Este River ;
 Railway Bridge over the River Este ;
- Three bridges over the Pelhe River;
- Twenty-six
 Containment Structures of plain track, with a total length of 2600 m;
- Remodeling of
 Seasons from Nine and Famalicão and from four Stops .

Project: 2000
Entry into service: 2002
Client: WSAtkins; Owner of work: REFER


Northern Line – Albergaria/Alfarelos sub-section
- Three Overpasses and a Viaduct, with beam decks
 prefabricated ;
- Seven
 Rail Underpasses ;
- Interventions in
 Seasons from Pombal, Vermoil and Soure.

Project: 1999
Entry into service: 2003
Client: REFER


Modernization of the Beira Alta Line between Pampilhosa and Mangualde
- Seven
 Rail Underpasses ;
- Fourteen Overpasses.


Project: 1995
Entry into service: 1997
Client: Proplano; Owner of work: REFER

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