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Urban Bridges and Viaducts

The works of art inserted in urban areas are treated with special care, both in terms of form and quality of finishes. Here are some examples of works designed within localities or in their expansion zone.

Bridge over the Nabão River in Tomar

The project is part of a set of urban requalification and environmental enhancement interventions for the urban center of Tomar, within the scope of the Polis Programme, it includes a road project, the project for a new bridge over the Nabão River and the remodeling of a dam that will create a water mirror in the place where the bridge will be inserted.


The bridge consists of a ribbed slab deck with a central span of 27 m and extreme spans of 22 m. The pillars are formed by two octagonal shafts that converge to a laminar pillar, approximately at mid-height.



The decorative lighting of the bridge is foreseen through LED spotlights inserted in the border beams that will focus on the guardrail and


In this way, an interesting decorative effect will be obtained for the night landscape enhancement in this area of the river. spotlights equipped with light bulbs

  high pressure sodium vapour, located under the deck for lighting the pillars.


Client: TomarPolis

Project: 2005


Viaduct over the Este River at km 38 596 of the Minho Line

Viaduct included in the Minho Line remodeling project, close to the Nine station, allows access to the center of Nine from the east, crossing the Este River, the Minho Line and the Braga Branch, with a curved radius equal to 300 m.

The deck, with a width of 12.7 m, consists of a single-cell caisson with a height of 2.5 m, spans of 38.0 m and a total length of 250 m.
The pillars are laminar with a maximum free height of 13 m, with indirect foundation using 1.0 m piles.

Client:  WSAtkins ;

Worker:  Reference
Project: 2000; Entry into service: 2004

Pedestrian Bridge over the Arunca River in Pombal

The bridge inserted in a central area of Pombal allows the pedestrian connection between the two banks of the Arunca River, consisting of a metal arch deck with a span of 30.5 m and a 1.2 m arrow. The free width is 2.0 m.

The floor is made of wood, the abutments are clad in lioz stone, polished white, and the direct lighting of the floor is provided by grazing light fixtures built into the side rails.

Client: Municipality of Pombal
Project: 1999; Entry into service: 2001

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