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Boards with prefabricated elements

PC&A has designed and built several dozen overpasses and some viaducts, with decks made up of prefabricated elements. Here are some representative examples:

Valdonas Viaduct on the Tomar Bypass of IC3 - Pinhal Interior Sub-concession

Duplication of an existing viaduct. Deck with 13.4 m wide, spans of 32 m and total length of 216 m. Use of prefabricated 1.8 m high U-section beams, prestressed with pretension, with continuity on supports guaranteed by cables installed on the slab and prestressing bars.


Project: 2011


Crossing over Pk 71 916 of the Beira Baixa Line

Deck with 6.0 m wide and a simply supported span of 20.0 m, executed using prefabricated beams 0.90 m high, pre-stressed with pre-tension. Beams equipped with a wide flange that do not require the use of formwork or pre-slabs for the execution of the slab.

Client:  REFER

Project: 2000; Entry into service: 2003



Viaduct to Pk 161 320 of the North Line

Viaduct built over Vermoil Station, with a straight line with a bias of 74 degrees in relation to the railway. Deck with 12 m of width, spans of 26 m and total length of 126 m. Use of prefabricated beams 1.2 m high, prestressed with post-tension.

Client:  REFER

Project: 1999; Entry into service: 2002



Bridge over Ribeira de Portuzelo – IC 28 – Viana do Castelo/Estorãos

Deck 25 m wide, spans of 30 m and total length of 468 m, with a curved path of variable radius, executed using prefabricated beams 1.70 m high, prestressed with post-tension.

Client:  JAE, Autonomous Board of Roads

Project: 1998, Commissioning: 2002

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