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Pinhal Interior sub-concession
- IC3 - Project of four Underpasses and five Overpasses;
- IC3 - Valdonas Viaduct, on the Tomar bypass;
- EN238 - Eight Agricultural Passages.

Project: 2011
Client: ASCEND


North Highway - A1 – Carvalhos / Stº Ovídio – Enlargement and Improvement
- Full replacement of four Lower Passages;
- Enlargement of two Lower Passages;
- Viaduct over the A1 with a maximum span of 62.0m and a length of 350m.

Project: 2009
Client: BRISA


North Highway - A1 – Feira/Node with IC24 – Enlargement and Improvement
- Enlargement and Structural Reinforcement of two Lower Passages ;

- Nine Overpasses with main spans exceeding 40 m;
- Changing the span of a Rail Overpass .

Project: 2003
Entry into service: 2006;
Client: BRISA


Southern Motorway - A2 – Aljustrel/Castro Verde Subsection
- Messejana Viaduct with a total length of 266 m;
- Four Lower Passages with three spans;
- Overpass over the branch of Neves Corvo with a bias of 30 degrees.

Project: 1999
Entry into service: 2001;
Client: BRISA


North Highway - A1 – Junction with IC24/Carvalhos – Enlargement and Improvement
 Enlargement of eight Lower Passages , with Structural reinforcement in three works;
- Two Lower Passages with three spans, at the junction with IC24;
- Overpass with 40 m of central span.

Project: 1998
Entry into service: 2001;
Client: BRISA



Lisbon-Torres Vedras Motorway - A8 – Malveira/Torres Vedras Subsection
 – Thirteen Lower Passages.

Project: 1993
Entry into service: 1995;
Client: BRISA

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