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Bridge over the River Dão

The Bridge over the River Dão is part of the Tondela / Carregal do Sal section of the EN 230.

The deck has a width of 11.5 m and an extension of 176.0 m, with a central span of 80.0 m and two extreme spans of 48.0 m, consisting of a unicellular caisson of variable inertia with a height of 4, 50 m on pillars and 2.25 m on locks.

The deck is longitudinally prestressed by internal, adherent cables, complemented by a pair of replaceable external prestressing cables.

The pillars are monolithic with the deck, have a hollow section inscribed in a rectangle measuring 4.00 mx 2.40 m, free heights of about 20.0 m and direct foundation.

The construction of the deck was carried out through the process of successive advancement consoles, using two pairs of mobile scaffolding.

With the aim of facilitating the inspection and maintenance of the work of art, it was planned to: Installation of a metallic profile in the abutments for mounting the overhead crane and hooks in the plumb of the access hatches to the inside of the pillars; natural ventilation of the deck through holes in the coffin and pillars and electrical installations equipped with lighting circuits and sockets on the deck and pillars. These facilities can be powered by a portable generator to be connected to the electrical panel provided for each meeting.


Client: IEP – Instituto das Estradas de Portugal

Project: 2003
Entry into service: 2009

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