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Pinhão Bridge over the Douro River

The bridge over the Douro River in Pinhão is a century-old bridge, completed in 1906, consisting of a metal deck, with three independent spans with spans of 68.7 m. The pillars and abutments of the bridge were executed in equipped granite masonry, with interior filling in mortar rockfill. The three pillars of the bridge are located on the river bed and have total heights of around 20.0 m.

As part of the pillar rehabilitation project, the following works were carried out:

- Level II underwater inspection;

- Bathymetric survey and geometric characterization of the pillars;

- Characterization tests of the mortars of the joints;

- Hydrological and hydraulic study and hydrodynamic erosion study;

- Verification of the safety of the pillars and foundations of the work, for the action of the hydrodynamic forces associated with the centenary flood, the collision of a ship and the regulatory seismic action.

It was concluded that the structural reinforcement of the pillars was not necessary, providing only a local repair submerged in one of the pillars, where a small cavity had been detected through its filling with granite blocks carved in order to fill the gap and sealing with mortar. specific for underwater work.

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