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São Lourenço Bridge

S. Lourenço Bridge – Rehabilitation of the Work of Art


The S. Lourenço Bridge, over the Safarujo River, in the municipality of Mafra, about 500 m from the sea, was built in the 1950s, in reinforced concrete, with a beamed slab deck, with 4 gerber beams and spans of 10+15+10 m.


After carrying out a detailed survey of the work and an inspection and testing campaign supervised by PC&A, several pathologies were identified, highlighting:


- areas of the deck with delaminated concrete, with corrosion of reinforcement, in some places already very pronounced.

- widespread chloride contamination

- ravine of a slope by runoff of rainwater affecting the carriageway.


The following measures were foreseen in the rehabilitation project:

- Removal by chipping of the concrete in the process of delamination, with cleaning of reinforcements or even its replacement in some areas and subsequent replacement with compensated shrinkage mortar;

- Opening and cleaning of expansion joints and installation of bituminous elastomeric material joints;

- Execution of transverse drains to the carriageway at the limits of the deck connected to slope descents near the bridge abutments;

- Painting the entire bridge with acrylic resin-based paint.


Client: EP – Estradas de Portugal EPE

Project: 2005
Completion of the work: 2008

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