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Overpasses on the A1 – Feira/IC24 sub-section

Overpasses on the North Highway - A1, Feira / Carvalhos Subsection – Feira/IC24 section

The expansion of the North Highway to 2x3 lanes forced the replacement of seven overpasses on the Feira/IC24 subsection.

The new works were designed to allow a future expansion to 2x4 lanes, which led to the adoption of free spans greater than 40.0 m.

The different geotechnical conditions and road layout led to the design of works of two basic types:

- PS410 and PS417

Straight line, slightly skewed in relation to the motorway axis. Good foundation conditions.

Pre-stressed reinforced concrete frames were designed, consisting of ribbed slab decks with a width of 15.90 m and a free span of around 40.0 m, height varying between 1.2 m and 1.8 m and mullions also with variable inertia.

- PS411, PS412, PS413, PS415, PS416 and PS418

Straight or curved routes, including in several cases sections of variable width when approaching junctions or roundabouts. Indirect foundation by stake in most of the works.

Overpasses with three spans were designed with ribbed slab decks, with widths between 12.0 m and 15.0 m, main spans between 42.0 and 46.0 m, with a variable height of 1.2 m to 1.8 m and elliptical section pillars.

Client: Brisa, Auto Estradas de Portugal, SA

Project: 2003

Entry into service: 2006

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