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Underpass Road - Beira Alta Line

On June 25, 2010, the level crossing at km 101.760 of the Beira Alta Line was removed and the underpass road at km 101.592, located in the parish of Oliveira do Conde, municipality of Carregal do Sal, came into service, which constitutes a improvement for railway operation and safety conditions for road and pedestrian traffic in that location.

Consigned on 30 September 2009, the contract consisted of the construction of a road underpass, consisting of a frame-shaped reinforced concrete structure, 26.50 meters long, 8.50 meters wide and with a useful height of 5.04 meters, and respective accesses, which reestablish the road and pedestrian connection between Rua Manuel R. Correia and Estrada Nacional 234. The reinforced concrete structure was, in a first phase, built next to the railway, after the which has been moved to its final position by means of a hydraulic system.


This work concludes the 23rd uneven crossing projected by PC&A for the Beira Alta Line.

Client: REFER
2004 project
Entry into service in 2010

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