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Stations and Stops

PC&A has designed interventions in several stations and stops, including boarding platforms, containment structures, platform covers, associated works of art, station buildings and projects for all the specialties involved.

  • Northern Line – Albergaria/Alfarelos sub-section (Project: 1999; Client: REFER)

    • Pombal Station – Underpass for pedestrians, roofs, lighting;

    • Soure Station – Pedestrian overpass, roofing, lighting;

    • Vermoil Station – Pedestrian Underpass.

  • Minho Line – Lousado/Nine Section (Project: 2000; Client: REFER)

    • Famalicão Station - Underpass for Pedestrians, Buildings, Roofs;

    • Nine Station - Underpass for Pedestrians, Buildings, Roofs, Containment Structures;

    • Stops of Barrimau, Mouquim, Louro and Pisão – Platforms, Retaining Structures and Associated Works of Art.

  • Beira Baixa Line (Project: 2006; Client: REFER)

    • Fundão Station – Underpass for Pedestrians, Platforms, Roofs, Containment Structures, Road Projects, Drainage and Lighting;

In the projects of the Pombal and Fundão Stations, the collaboration of Prof. Sculptor José João de Brito in the plastic treatment of the solutions presented.

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